Service Videos\DVD for the BMW K1200LT


Thank you for considering purchasing the K1200LT Service Videos (tapes or DVD's).  I'm sure you will enjoy them as many others have. 

Due to pirating of my videos it has now become necessary for a purchase agreement between us so that I may have recourse against the few who decide to steal my work for their gain. I truly apologize for this inconvenience caused by a few individuals.

EULA Agreement

By Purchasing the BMW K1200LT Service Videos produced by Paul Sayegh, you agree to the following EULA:

1.  You will not rent these videos without Paul Sayegh's express permission.

2.  You will not reproduce or copy the videos, or allow it to be reproduced  or copied in ANY manner without Paul Sayegh's express permission.
3.  You will not transfer ownership in any fashion or re-sell (including your purchased disks or tapes) the videos in any form without  Paul Sayegh's express permission.
4.  You are purchasing these videos for your personal use and not for another person, firm or company. 
5.  You understand that these videos are for entertainment only and only qualified technicians should work on your motorcycle.
6.  You agree to waive your rights of  "The First Sale Doctrine" that may entitle you to the above certain rights and others, and instead agree to comply with the above terms.

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NOTE: All videos have the disk serial number recorded and matched with the buyer for future reference