These very popular BMW K1200LT  service videos on DVD's produced by Paul Sayegh are copies of tapes that have been filmed for basic service needs of the BMW K1200LT.  The topics are those that seem most popular.  These are NOT professionally made.  However, if you are looking for a little help on servicing or repairing your BMW K1200LT  and you are unsure of the process, these DVD's may help you out and save you a LOT of money.  A DVD disk of #1,2,3  is $66.00.  All four series on two discs is $88.00 plus a $5.00 shipping\handling PER ORDER.    DVD's  are typically shipped within 48 hrs of payment receipt. NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS unless you receive a defective disc that will be exchanged within 30 days of purchase.

NOTE:  The BMW K1200LT DVD's are designed and guaranteed to work on a home DVD player.  They play on "most" laptops but there can be compatibility issues.  There are subtle changes that have been made through the model years to the K1200LT not covered in the videos, however they still cover the vast majority of servicing needs for all years. 
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BMW K1200LT Service Video #1.....Basic Service. Approx. 1 hour long  Includes tools needed,  removing and replacing the upper and lower fairing sides (plastic), changing the engine oil and filter, changing the oil in the rear end, adjusting and tethering the mirrors, use of an electrical tester, fuse location and examination, checking the coolant and rear brake fluid and how to add fluids, removing and replacing the battery as well as many other tips and info.  
Addendum's and corrections......:
1.  After disconnecting and removing the battery, your BMW K1200LT may not run the same because the computer loses memory.  Don't worry, after some riding time the computer will teach itself the proper settings.  After installing the battery, turn on the ignition and before starting, turn the throttle fully open and closed two times so that the computer will register the throttle valve position.
2.  Before screwing on the oil filter on your BMW K1200LT, fill it with oil, this couldn't be done in the video.  After changing the engine oil, let the BMW K1200LT idle for several minutes and check for leaks before riding. Oil, and especially used oil is bad for your skin and body.   Avoid contact with it and wash immediately.
BMW K1200LT Service Video #2.....Advanced Service Approx. 1 hour long 
Includes tools needed, checking valve clearance (not adjusting), inspecting, adjusting and lubricating the shift lever linkage, changing the transmission oil, replacing rear pads and installing\modifying EBC HH rear pads and other useful tips.  COST:  $22.00 Add  $5.00 shipping\handling per order.  
Addendum's and corrections.......
1.  When installing the "anti-rattle" plate for the rear pads, I stated that the arrow goes forward.  Better stated, "install the plate with the arrow in the direction of  forward wheel rotation".  This means that the arrow will aim towards the rear of the bike.

BMW K1200LT Service Video #3.....Filters and Coolant   Approx. 50 minutes long
Includes changing the air filter, fuel filter and changing the coolant .  Due to the nature of the tape, it includes removing the fuel tank, tank cover, and radio and other helpful hints.  It also overviews misc. gadgets including the HD luggage rack, Valentine one and GPS mounting. 

BMW K1200LT Service Video #4....  Hydraulics, Wheel Removal, Spark Plugs, Front Brake Pad Replacement..... 
Approx. 90 minutes long  

Includes the following:
1.  Spark plug replacement.
2.  Front brake pad replacement.
3.  Bleed and flush front and rear brake hydraulic systems.  NOTE: Power assisted brakes should be done at the dealer!!!!
4.  Bleed and flush clutch hydraulic system
5.  Remove and replace front and rear wheels
6.  Lot's of tips and info.
Please Note....Does not cover items in video #1.  For instance fairing removal is required which is not covered in this video.

Please note:  Many of these procedures listed in the BMW K1200LT Service Video can and will cause injury or death if done improperly.  Consult your dealer if you have questions relating to servicing your motorcycle.  These tapes\DVD’s are not approved by BMW and are offered for the sole purpose of  entertainment.  They are not a substitute for a BMW dealer or mechanic.  

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Service Videos\DVD for the BMW K1200LT